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Dear Taurus, you have so much to look forward to this month! This would be an ideal moment of the year to get engaged or married, for on March 2, Mercury and Jupiter will also be in sync. Marriage is a contract, and Mercury will receive golden goodness from Jupiter.

It is hard to get all the planets to act perfectly, but over this March weekend, they come close. It is true that Neptune will oppose the full moon, but in this case I feel it will create an aura of mystery and added romance. I love that Saturn will be so friendly. If you are single, plan to socialize to see if you can meet someone new and interesting. Cupid will be working on your behalf, so stay positive and confident! If you were looking at your calendar to choose a first-time romantic date, this full moon, or the weekend that follows, March , would be a good time to meet.

Of course, be careful and go slowly. If you follow good sense, you should be fine. All full moons have a plus or minus four days of influence, the reason I say the first day and weekend of March should be lovely. At the very end of last month, you seem to have been focused intently on your living space or your family.

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A full moon lunar eclipse that took place January 31 could be setting changes in motion. You may be thinking about upgrading your lifestyle, moving to take advantage of a job opportunity, or you may want to move closer to family. Or, if your residence is set, you may be considering a renovation or the idea of painting all the rooms. You may want to look into renting a vacation home. If all those areas are fine as is, then you might be speaking with your family to decide on a way you can assist one of your parents in a substantial way.

Eclipses come in pairs, and the second one in Aquarius, February 15, will be even more dramatic, for it will create exciting changes in your career. This eclipse will open a door in your prestigious tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. There is no doubt that this moment will be your biggest in When calls to come in to talk about a new job come up, those calls will occur very suddenly without warning.

This is why you will need to have an up-to-date, polished resume handy and perhaps more than one interview outfit ready โ€” one that you love โ€” that makes you look like the winning candidate the world knows you to be. A partner, collaborator, agent, headhunter, or other middleman of some kind seems to play an integral part of the good fortune in your career life that you are about to see.

Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will be working with Pluto to help you find ways to bring in more money in terms of compensation and benefits. It appears a relationship with a person based in an international setting, an official in academia, or a reporter in the media might trigger luck for you as well.

A solar eclipse can unlock doors that in the past had stubbornly stuck closed, and when those doors do finally swing open, they will have the power to open a new path, one that will earn you admiration and accolades professionally. I say that because Mars is tearing through your eighth house of credit cards and loans. The reasons are varied.

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It may that you need a brush-up course, or plan to go for an advanced degree to become more competitive in the marketplace. Or, it may be that you are spending money on your home likely or helping out a family member who needs financial support. No matter the reason, as a Taurus, you are known to be careful about how you spend, but now you may need to increase your outgo to bolster your long-range job security, improve your home, or help a relative in need.

Romantically, Venus will glide in Pisces from February 11 to March 6 and will be a heavenly place for your ruling planet to be. Venus is exalted in Pisces, which means in Pisces Venus is able to express her best, most loving feelings and artistic expressions. Friends will play a big part in your enjoyment this month.

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One ultra-special day will be February 21 when Neptune will conjoin Venus and set off an evening of glamour, poetry and lyrical love. This is a Wednesday, but go out this evening anyway.

If you can plan a special dinner or any other personal event, do so. Get into this and use your star sign as an excuse anytime anyone bugs you with anything this month! And use your phone less. Susan wrote that because she has a cell phone too, you know, and she gets the stress.

I wrote that! Time for a Time. You can even do this on your forehead now, you know why? Because October was all about your career โ€” NOW you can chill. Way to set yourself up for success! You know what life is like when fools rush back in. In other Suz, she wants you to make a new friend this month.


That might be a nice way to meet someone new since bars are out for the count. Time to DTR with a partner between the ears and sheets or with someone in a professional setting because everything here has meanings. Am I wrong?

Those numbers dropped dramatically over the next centuries; by , they were only present in Oh Bubble Bathhhhh, yoo hoo! The new moon that we had on October 30th is going to effect your career in the most positive way for the first two weeks of November.

Who am I? Who are you? She goes on to say that you have paid your dues already. You put in that work from to and if she is telling the truth then listen, Bubbles, I say embrace life by the balls or whatever that saying is. Ikea or West Elm?

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Ektorp or The Wayland? Those are types of moderately-priced couches. Paint or wallpaper? Kick your roommate out for leaving the toilet seat up or get passive aggressive in a fun way instead. The world is your oyster with the full moon as the pearl, really. Speaking of Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and her misfit gang of friends! Mars in Aquarius is giving you energy, courage, optimism and drive from November 18th to December 19th. Man oh man, if I only had a brain.

I MEAN. Standish of Standish , an novel, may have popularized this idea as included a turkey being served at the first Indian and Pilgrim meal. So much good news for you cheddar Goldfish cracker! This month you are going to be traveling a ton. Can I please have some? This planet is going to leave you clues that point you in the right direction. Eyeballs out and focused on the shoreline like a sailor. Who said it: Susan Miller or Snoop Dogg? You still will this month, but man will you be rolling around in dough. Luckily, all money talk ends November 14th because is anything more boring?

Except for money diaries. Those are pretty funny. Not mine. Mine was just scary. What else what else. That right there, baked into her positive prediction, is a reminder that the stars are just a guide! You have to really lead the way. No compass? No worries. Per Suz, you will be kind of psychic this month. I know! Wild turkeys can fly to up 55mph. I never realized it before but here I am, world, an Evan Rachel Wood fan! You do not want to pull that hair ball out of the tub. Oh no. As a result, factory turkeys, most of which are Broad Breasted Whites, are unable to breed naturally, and female turkeys are all artificially inseminated.

And actually it really is just encouraging you to take a little mini vaycay, ay bay bay? This mirroring effect means they will be stronger than ever and support you like crazy. Am I fired yet? Not sure.

Then things will slow down! Get ready to put your chilling-hard pants on around November 14th. You can wear them all the way until Thanksgiving is over. On the 29th, form a partnership but be deliberate about it. No beating around the bush, regardless of how you and your partner choose to trim or not trim! Focus, break a glass ceiling or something and get your head back in the game. This team needs you!